When we may have food poisoning, we want to carry the food what we ate out of my body immediately by using some medicine. I looked up the name of the medicine for that. It seems that “Colac harb” is helpful.

The other day, I had food poisoninig and was really bothered. At night, we could not go to see a doctor and find out what kind of medicine I should take. I came up with an idea to take a laxative.

There are many kinds of laxatives. In this case, I thought a medicine that we took after barium exam was suitable.

I found “Sennoside” is likely to the best choice, but it is only provided as prescription. However, I also found that “Colac harb” sold in drug stores has the same ingredients. It’s easier to get it.

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Just to tell you, it is said that we don’t need to go to see a doctor if we can get well within a few days when it comes to food poisoning. (Of course, we should go to see the doctor immediately if you feel weird.)