White hair supplement

In middle-aged, my hair is turning into white, so I’ve been looking for some supplements. I found something I want to try. The name of the supplement is “Kuro-tsuya soft”.

It is said that white hair is inevitable. We can only find information like “Never pluck your white hair”. I don’t expect much of it, but the only thing I’m interested in is that it contains Chinese herbal remedy called “Akyou“.

This “Akyou” is regarded as a supplement for women, but the truth is that it backs up weak points of our body. Therefore, it’s also effective for men. As it cures them gradually, there is a possibility that it might not affect white hair immediately. Instead, other weak points might be cured. I think there are great differences between individuals, so I decided to continue to use it for a while.

White hair supplement “Kuro-tsuya soft”